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Everycloud is a brand as well as a company that was launched in the USA and Australia to support global customers. Everycloud went on to develop new Mail Flow Monitoring and Security Awareness Training and Simulation products. Everycloud's Mail Flow Monitor is an On-Line email monitoring system that lets you know when email stops flowing in or out of your company. Notifications of service problems can be sent to your mobile via email or to an external email address such as your support company. Use the Mail Flow Monitor Client to keep an eye on your server and your mail flow.

How does it work?

Email failures take forever to be detected, costing organizations of all. The Everycloud mail-flow monitor is a free online application that monitors user's email, checks that inbound and outbound is flowing 24 hours a day. Set up takes minutes, create a test mailbox with a forward back to them. Their mail flow monitor sends an email every five minutes to check that the user's mail server accepts it and calculates the time taken to come back to them, if we see rejection or delay, the user will be the first to know. The system is designed for the end-users or partners, log in to the dashboard to see the round-trip time, alert details, average uptime, and downtime, plus manage the domain settings.



We closely examined the complex technical needs of the Mail flow monitor platform and confirmed that Go programming is the perfect fit for the backend because of its ability to manage tiers of users and permissions, and its processing speed which can be able to send and receive the bulk amount of the emails at the same time. We have configured the mini SMTP server. In the frontend, we prefer Drupal and React as the platform to display the data to the users. It is one of the free and most popular tool in Mail flow monitor marketplace.


Because of the mail flow monitoring, users will not have a hard time on incoming or outgoing email issues, Mailflow monitoring will inform us if they detect our mail server bouncing test messages, users are also alerted when test emails aren't received before the time threshold, alerts also contain a breakdown of a recent test emails journey to help the users understand where the problem might be.

Mail Flow Monitor

A SaaS application that monitors the organization's email 24/7, A real-time processing tool created in GO and PHP programming language.