Intranet Rodem is a leading provider of sanitary process equipment, service, and systems integration, serving the dairy, food, Bev, and other high purity industries since 1971. Intranet Rodem is an open atrium-based project. Open Atrium is a platform created to help organizations manage their teams, info, and otherwise communications. As a sturdy, Open-source solution, Atrium is not a standalone "solution" but a 'platform' that can be used to create a web portal, project management too, social forum, an intranet, or a combination thereof.


The Intranet Rodem platform includes several features like the upcoming Rodem events and Rodem happening additionally the Knowledge Center with all the information available within us. It also has a department for several criteria that incorporates HR, Safety, Installation & Engineering, Sales & Marketing, Finance, IT & Supply Chain with all the news and information of respective fields. News list the set of information of the Company, Industry, and Rodem Happening for all the users. The Intranet Rodem platform is where the users can get knowledge additionally the services they intend to acquire from us.


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We planned to develop this project from the start and suggested the client use the Open Atrium for their Intranet Platform. It usually started with the planning phase, and we installed OA (Open Atrium) in their development sever. With the multiple follow-ups and meetings with clients, we understood their full scope of the work and started developing the platform. We used Drupal modules to meet their custom requirements, React Js in the frontend, Calendar Integration, and many more. We had made the demo of the platform multiple times to the client and we were finally able to get to the finish line of what they needed.



With all the features included in the Intranet Rodem platform, it helped users think outside the box and due to information and latest updates, there is much better user participation in all of the events. Intranet Rodem platform news and updates provide the user with all the necessary information that matches the user's needs.

Intranet Rodem

Intranet Rodem is a project based on the Open Atrium, a Drupal-based CMS framework, Interested in similar projects, Please contact us