Cybersecurity is constantly evolving, which can make it challenging to stay up to date. Staying informed and being cautious online are two of the best ways to help protect oneself and one's business.

Everycloud security awareness is a platform of Everycloud company that provides the latest security-related information to its people. This platform ensures the staff are up to speed on the most recent news and threats and know exactly how to respond to an attack.


The security awareness platform automates two aspects: Phishing Simulation and Training.

Phishing Simulation.

The Everycloud Phishing Simulator empowers IT departments to send safe, pretend phishing emails to staff and track who clicked or entered sensitive information or credentials. The Everycloud Phishing simulator consists of Dashboard, campaigns, user groups, email templates, and landing pages. The Dashboard displays all the statistics relating to an email sent, email opened, link clicked, data submitted, and email reported. The campaign section shows all the campaigns that were created. User group consists of a group of users for whom the phishing email are to be sent. Email templates have a different list of safe versions of real templates. This platform uses these real email templates to test phishing. Landing pages consist of various web pages which can be used for test phishing purposes. A user can select from the listed landing pages or even create his own.


Everycloud phishing simulation dashboard view
Everycloud phishing simulation dashboard view


Training platform

Ongoing cybersecurity education and training for end-users is a must for organizations to stay secure. EveryCloud's platform empowers the IT department to create training campaigns on a range of topics and include pre-set or custom questions and answers. We believe that security training should be short, regular and actionable so that staff doesn't see it as a chore and in fact enjoy the engaging content. The Everycloud training platform is where the users who were the victim of the phishing simulation are trained. Training platform consists of dashboard, campaigns, videos, and categories. The dashboard displays the list of total subscribers, total campaign viewed, full video watched, quiz submitted, average question/answers percentage, and pass-fail total ratio. Campaigns list the set of campaigns for training the users; Videos contains the collection of cyber-security related videos which the training platform uses for the campaigns.

Everycloud security awareness training platform dashboard


Because of this security awareness platform, users are far more conscious about the threats caused by phished emails, and they know how to defend themselves from this type of cybersecurity threat. EveryCloud has been in the Email Security business since 2009, and over 9,000 organizations around the globe use their email system. They scan millions of emails every hour, which gives them access to real, current phishing emails. Taking the best examples, Everycloud makes them safe then turns them into templates in their Phishing Simulator. Thus, the users get safe versions of the latest threats, so they're ready to handle the real thing when an attack appears.

Security Awareness

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