Gsk Cyberskills is a SaaS product that helps individuals understand their skill set and skill levels to inform decisions on professional development and training. This product has different user roles: authenticated user, skills manager, sub-admin, and administrator, each with their unique permission assigned. There are various topics where the skill score can be assigned. The user can add their profiles and assign different skillset scores to the various topics and compare them with the other users.


This product has various cyber skills-related information useful for interested users. Users can create an individual profile or even a team consisting of a group of individuals. Users can set different levels of skill scores for different users and assign users to a specific team. Users can compare their profiles with other profiles or even their group with another team to see if their team has got more skill levels than that of other team members. Besides this, users can also share or print their skillset scores.


We faced some challenges on this site. That includes comparing the score of individual profiles or the whole team, problems regarding different user roles and their specific permissions, issues which aroused when totaling all the sum of the average of the profiles scores, etc. These challenges were tough but not impossible. Because of the great support of our team, we were able to complete these challenges in less time.


This product has benefitted organizations in many ways: Users can obtain various cyber-skills related information, comparing one user's profile with another as well as comparing the skill set scores of one group of users with another group has become easy, Gsk cyber skills provide a share link for each profile which made it easy to share the information with other users.