Open Atrium: love it or hate it


Open Atrium is an open-source collaboration software that enables organizations to connect their teams, projects, and knowledge securely. A powerful solution, Open Atrium’s framework allows the organization to easily integrate existing software while remaining flexible enough to change as the organization grows. With Open atrium, you can better educate, communicate, and inform your organization by creating solutions such as a web portal, intranet, social collaboration platform, or learning management system.



Certainly, there are some features of Open Atrium.

You can share ideas and receive email notifications when others post.

You can collaborate on documents, compare revisions, and print when you’re done.

Case Tracker
You can create and manage projects within each of your groups.

You can add events and pull in feeds from other calendars.

You can share messages and links with just the people in your group.

You can see a snapshot of all the activity across your groups.

Customize the look and feel of Open Atrium.

You can add new functionality using Kit-complaint features.


Why use Open Atrium?

Open Atrium is powerful enough to accomplish more for your organization, flexible enough to work with systems you’re already using and open enough to take your organization forward.

No Licensing Fees.
As with all open-source, Open Atrium is free software. New features will never send you into a new ‘pricing tier’, and recurring licensing fees are a thing of the past.

Extensible architecture
Integrate, don’t reinvent. Open Atrium’s platform provides the flexibility to integrate with modules, custom code or established software you work with now.

Powerful Data security
A collaboration platform is only as good as its security. You can control exactly who has access to what content and clearly see content privacy settings on every single page.

No Vendor Lock-in
Because it is open-source, no one vendor controls the growth and development of the software, which means you are in control of who’s working on your project.

Built to scale
Build a small departmental intranet or a multisite portal. The choice is yours, and it can change as your company grows.

Robust asset management
Documents, images, and video are a part of the work you do. Open Atrium allows you to seamlessly access, store, attach, embed, and collaborate around these assets.



To conclude, Open Atrium is an open-source software which allows its employees to share and collaborate around innovative ideas that could help improve the Department’s work. The main feature of the site, which is called Idea Engine, is the ability for users to post ideas that other users can then vote and comment on. This open feedback loop with voting and commenting being used to identify the best ideas aims to increase transparency and the flow of information between employees and senior leadership in the organization.




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